Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art Journal - 5 layers or more

As I am taking part of The Documented Life Project again this year, I thought I would share some of my journal pages. The challenge was to create a page with at LEAST five layers. I opened up my book to the blank pages then had NO idea where to begin.

I started with something easy: Layer 1

Pieces of torn book paper just randomly placed and stuck with mod podge.

Layer 2: I used my caren d'ache watercolor crayons and mixed with white gesso and water. At this time I still had no idea what the page would become. 

Layer 3: after the papers were completely dry I stuck a clip art image of an old gate in the middle and with a waterproof pen, drew rectangles to look like a brick wall and lines for to become parts of a tree.

Layer 4: before I added color, the page was covered with clear gesso so that I continue to add more color and pen lines.

Layer 5: the picture is coming together now. One of my favorite flowers is the bouginvillia, especially the one with the bright redish/pink. This somehow reminds of creating a digital picture using photoshop. The concept of using layers. For the flowers I just used a makeup sponge and dotted the colors on.

Layer 6: I sprayed on blue and brown to add texture and when that dried put another layer of clear gesso on top.

Layer 7: and finally the finishing touches. With a waterproof black ink pen, I added some shadows to the gate and wall, some stones and pebbles, the impression of grass. There is a layer 8 which is my journaling, were handwriting covers the entire double page, but that's just for me. 

Overall this page took two days to complete. It was refreshing to have no preconceived ideas of what the page should become. I just went with the flow.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Hi there,

The fact that you have just landed here means that you have been following my links. That's great. As I am still building this blog to what I want it to be, I ask that you be patient while I get all my side bars and links and graphics organized.

There are loads of stories and most of all pretty and colorful artwork to come.

In the meantime why dont you take a look at some other stuff that I have done on my other blog,
One White Whiska, where it is full of zenangle art and zendalas, and journal pages.

Here is the link again:  One White Whiska

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to come back soon.