Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Zentangle Inspired Art Series

At some point I got bored with drawing on paper. So when I saw some wood panels in the art store at a reasonable price I bought about 10 of them. Brought them home, and wondered what to do with them. They were calling to be painted and doodled on of course. At the time I was going through a lace phase, needing to figure out how to work out the specifics of lace on paper. (that's another post)
I managed to get about 6 of these panels done before I lost the mojo. Nevertheless I had great fun creating them.

For each piece, I used multiple sizes of waterproof marker, acrylic paint for the bright yellow and brown and black for the shadows. This is also covered in a semi gloss varnish to protect from dust and sunlight. I am going to make it my project this weekend to find a framer. I think I would like to see this in a frame. Wish me luck

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